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QR Online Ordering

Mobile web application designed for food & beverages business. From ease of launch to a focused BYOD experience, iOrderla for Business is both SME-ready and user-friendly.

Whether you’re bringing your experience crew or onboarding new hires, iOrderla automates how your customer’s order. Your employees can focus more effectively in spaces that require improvement.
They’ll have the opportunity to engage more in customer services, emerge potential to contribute higher quality confidence, and help drive better business results.

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suntoyo web online kitchen display system

Web Online Kitchen Display System

The kitchen display system(KDS) replaces papers docket and kitchen printers. It might seem basic, but a KDS will profoundly affect your restaurant’s performance and so much more! It enables your crew to monitor the kitchen data, control how food orders are routed, and control the order status before preparation.

Business Intelligence Report

We provide at-a-glance view of the business-relevant data of the generated report respective with the Selection. View Accurate Sales Results for individual outlets as well as Summary of all the outlets data.

Dashboard Management And Analytics

Boost efficiency and productivity. Open the web browsers and login right into the suntoyo cloud dashboard using your accounts to launch enterprise capabilities such as product editor, modifier editor, and sales report modules.

suntoyo retail analytics report
suntoyo point of sale system

Enhanced Point Of Sales System

Discover powerful new ways to transform, and boost productivity.

Suntoyo the platform is built on a professional-grade infrastructure that adheres to stringent data security standards and provides straightforward software management and advanced support.

It’s easy to adopt and scale throughout your organization.


Bring Your Own Devices Solution

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Three Processing Methods

Pay at counter/immediately/later

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BYOD Experience

Bring your own device brings in a quick and real time self-ordering processing method into your operation.

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Integration Ready

QR online ordering, POS, Delivery platform, payment gateway, CRM and Mall management interface ready.

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Web Dashboard Analytic Tools

Web dashboard analytic tools Boost efficiency and productivity.

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Managed by Suntoyo in-house developer and adheres to strict security standards, which are continuously reviewed and improved.

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Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd Is An IT Industry Service Provider In Asia Since 1981

Suntoyo mainly deals with Cash registers and Touch screen based point of sales machines. POS machines are coming with quality software and optional peripherals such as Cash drawers, Printers, Barcode scanners, Biometric security devices etc. The system supporting major modules of business which are Purchase & Invoice, Inventory Control, Sales Analysis, Price Setting etc, in a user friendly manner on top of Windows platforms. The whole system is built with detailed reporting functionalities and with multiple branch integration facilities. Suntoyo has its own IT development and support team for their uninterrupted service for their clients. Right now suntoyo have lots of clients in various sectors across the island.

Productivity Solutions Grant Packages (PSG)

F&B And Retail Solutions From Suntoyo Qualify For Subsidies Of Up To 50%, Which Is Available To Eligible Smes.

As part of Singapore’s economic transformation plan, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) aims to position the country as a leading technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship provider. The PSG grant assists businesses and organizations in implementing technology solutions and equipment to improve their operations.

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F&B Package

Featuring 4 processing methods suitable for all business types.

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Retail Package

Features full suits solution for all your retail requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a POS system cost Singapore?
There is no fixed value for a POS system in Singapore. This is because POS systems often come in various forms such as rugged tablets, desktop computer style and handheld devices. Thus, the cost of the POS system actually varies depending on your requirements.
Which POS is the best in Singapore?
Suntoyo offers the best point of sale units in Singapore. We are offering a wide range of POS systems that can be used for small shops to large corporations. We also provide customer assistance to our clients to ensure that they are making informed decisions when purchasing the ideal POS system based on their requirements.
How much does a POS system usually cost?
The price for a POS system in Singapore may vary depending on the type of unit you want to purchase, the storage capacity, the specifications and the brand. You may reach out to us today for more information about the POS systems we are offering.
What are 5 types of POS systems?

In Singapore, there are many various types of POS systems you can see in commercial and retail shops. Some of the most familiar point of sale units to us are as follow:

  • Tablet point of sale unit
  • Mobile or handheld POS system
  • Terminal POS unit
  • Self-ordering kiosks
  • Online Point of Sale
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