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e-Waiter: Completing the e-Menu Experience

Upgrade your restaurant with our full-service control and e-menu solutions for a more efficient, accurate, and modernised experience. Reduce the need for manpower and minimise human errors with our innovative e-menu system, while streamlining operations and enhancing the customer experience.

Enable your service crew to speed up ordering process.

Equip your crew with an e-waiter device that enables them to speed up the ordering procedure. Instead of wasting time rushing back to a location with POS to punch in the orders, an e-waiter device allows your crew to take orders using e-menu or amend previous transactions on the fly. 

Electronic food menu and register

Benefits When You Purchase Our Product

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Increase In Productivity

Handle higher-order request with fewer employees.

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Improve ordering speed

Since there is no need to travel back to a POS station to punch in orders.

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Increase Turnover

Decrease order time taken, reduces overall time spend.

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No more typo

Reduce food waste and order-taking errors with our e-menu! Simplify the process and streamline your restaurant with our user-friendly system.

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Process orders from anywhere with our e-waiter! Our integrated POS and KDS system, paired with our user-friendly e-menu, ensures accuracy and flexibility for your staff. 

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Increase coverage

Reduces staff reqirement to take orders since e-waiter speeds up overall ordering process.

The Solution That Works For Every Business Type

Streamline your restaurant’s operations and enhance your customers’ experience with our e-menu and modern order taking solutions. With our user-friendly platform, your customers can easily browse your menu, customise their orders, and pay online, all from the comfort of their own device. 

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E- Menu