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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider using a POS software?
A POS software can make your business operations more efficient. It can also lessen the workload of your employees by lessening the need for paper and pen ordering. Moreover, it can maximise accuracy that can lead to customer satisfaction.
What are the benefits of using a POS system?
POS systems can make your operations faster, cut the order line and waiting time for your customers and make your order process more accurate. These are the reasons why it pays to invest in a POS system.
Does the POS software and hardware need to be purchased from the same vendor?
It is ideal to buy the POS software and hardware in the same store. The main reason behind that is compatibility. Another reason for making this decision is that you may be able to get the package for a discounted price if you will buy in the same store.
Is an industry specific POS system necessary for your business?
Yes. Especially when you are working for businesses such as hotels, restaurants or grocery stores which require specific templates for the POS system, it is good to have the specific system that is designed for your requirements.
Can I transfer my data from my old POS to my new POS software system?
If you are using a POS system with a removable memory card, you simply need to mount the memory card to the new POS software system to transfer the data. If you are unsure about the model you are using, you may send us an enquiry so we can provide a consultation.
Is it possible to operate the POS software using a home computer?
For grocery stores, it is very common to use a desktop computer to operate the POS software. The problem with this is that you will have to plug in several devices and can be energy inefficient. Outdated computers are also often experiencing downtimes.
Can I analyze consumer data with a POS system?

Yes. Some modern POS systems can generate data that can be used for consumer research. Consult us for specific POS system that will work on the type of insights you want to generate/

Extra questions to consider:

Does it include set up service? Is it free of charge?
What is the set up lead time?
How do I manage my orders?
What is the after-sale service?