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POS Hardware

POS hardware comprises a wide range of devices and accessories that are essential to point of sale. When we say wide range, we mean very extensive. Why? Because from the normal types of components, there are also sub types. For instance, for POS peripherals, you may encounter tablets, handheld computers, desktop computers and more. For the cash register, there is a typical cash drawer type, a register with a card slot and one with a part for swiping cards. Here at Suntoyo, we are offering all these POS hardware devices and accessories for different types of businesses. We have industry specific POS hardware to match every specialised operation. Moreover, you can buy a set of POS hardware here at Suntoyo to power your business with compatible devices that can minimise downtime.

Why Choose Suntoyo for POS Hardware

If you are a startup company who is considering upgrading your business with POS hardware and software, you are taking a large step ahead of the competition. To guarantee that the POS hardware you buy is worth the investment, it is good to choose the best supplier in Singapore, and you are on the right track. Suntoyo offers you the best POS hardware equipment to level up your operations here are some of the reasons why it pays to invest in our products:

  • Open for Consultation
    We are very open to communicate with you about the solutions you need to upgrade your business. A product specialist will reach out to you to answer your enquiries and recommend the most fitted solution we can offer.
  • Up-to-date Solutions
    We are keeping our solutions updated to match the demands of the industry. Our POS hardware adheres to modern technology and is very compatible with popular software applications today.
  • PSG Grant
    You will be eligible for a PSG grant when you choose Suntoyo as your POS hardware supplier. Please see the conditions set for PSG grant for retail businesses for more information.

Which solution best describes your business?

POS Peripheral
Electronic Cash Register
Self-ordering Kiosk