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The Benefits Of Adopting Digital QR Code Menu Ordering Technology Today​

With QR ordering, you can handle higher order volumes with fewer employees. In addition, your service crew can be redeployed to focus on areas that will increase productivity.

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Simple Steps, Huge Improvement

Online ordering system
  1. Discover QR Code Label
  2. Scan QR Code Label
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  4. Pay And Send Orders

Revolutionise Your Ordering Experience with Our QR Ordering System

Experience seamless order management and elevate your customer experience with our QR ordering system. Discover how our innovative solution caters to diverse dining needs:

Dine In

Say goodbye to long wait times by streamlining dine-in order taking with our QR ordering system. Empower your customers to self-order directly from their smartphones, enhancing efficiency and reducing reliance on service staff, thus minimising wait time and boosting customer experience.


Make self-collection a breeze by strategically placing QR codes throughout your restaurant to encourage customers to scan and order at their convenience, thus minimising wait times and optimising order fulfilment.


Extend the convenience of our QR ordering system to your delivery services. Whether through QR codes or ordering URLs shared on social media platforms, provide customers with a seamless ordering experience from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits Of Our QR Ordering System

Discover the myriad benefits of integrating our QR ordering system into your restaurant or F&B establishment. Here’s how our innovative solution can transform your operations:

Benefit #1: Streamline Your Operations And Reduce Manpower Reliance

Reduce the hassle of manual order taking with our automated QR ordering process. From order placement to payment, our system streamlines the entire process with an easy-to-use interface, reducing reliance on manpower and enhancing operational efficiency.

Benefit #2: Boost Revenue With Smart Upselling & Cross-selling

Maximise your revenue potential through smart upselling and cross-selling features. Our QR ordering system offers high-resolution images and various customisable options, enticing customers to increase their bill sizes effortlessly while ensuring customer satisfaction and driving profitability.

Benefit #3: Seamless Integration With Your POS System

Enjoy a hassle-free experience, as our QR ordering system seamlessly integrates with your existing kitchen display system, ensuring orders are accurately processed and promptly fulfilled. The orders are also linked back to your POS system for consolidated reports and centralised order management.


Benefits When You Purchase Our Product

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Increase In Productivity

Handle higher order volumes with fewer employees

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Improve Orders Accuracy

Orders are sent directly to your POS and kitchen from their mobile devices

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Increase Turnover

Decrease physical order manually reduces time spend

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Reduce Hardware Investment

Bring your own devices (BYOD) All you need is QR code!

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No Download Required

Everything is web-based. Scan to start ordering!

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Anytime Any Where

Dashboard management tools are accessible using any devices that support web browser

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QR Ordering System

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FAQs about QR Ordering System

What Is A QR Ordering System?

A QR ordering system empowers customers to self-order using their smartphones by scanning a QR code. The QR code will redirect customers to an online menu where they can select and place their orders before the information is sent directly to the restaurant’s POS system and kitchen staff.

How Does The QR Ordering System Work?

It’s simple! Customers just need to scan a QR code provided by staff to access the menu. Here, they can select their food and beverages and even customise their orders with a couple of smartphone taps before placing them remotely, all without a waiter’s assistance.

What Are The Benefits Of A QR Ordering System?

Empowering customers to self-order via a QR ordering system can lessen the burden on your staff. As the system does all the heavy lifting, your waiters can focus on other important matters, such as offering quality guest interactions and providing faster service.

The QR ordering system also minimises any confusion from getting in the way between staff and customers, which can sour the latter’s experience. For example, wrong orders can be prevented, as the customers place the orders themselves and the information is transmitted directly to the kitchen staff preparing the meal.